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Championing Your Rights Under ERISA Law

Benefits that are acquired through your employment (i.e., disability insurance, health insurance, pension and other retirement plans, and life insurance) are usually governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, also known as ERISA. This piece of legislation was enacted in 1974 in order to protect employee benefits but over time the law has placed a disproportionate amount of power into the hands of insurance companies and other fiduciaries that decide ERISA benefit claims.

Protecting Your Employer-Provided Benefits

If you are no longer able to work because of an illness or injury, have been denied health care coverage or disability benefits, or have been denied life insurance or retirement benefits to which you believe you are entitled, contact me, San Antonio ERISA law attorney Jeffrey Dahl. Since 1985, I have worked to level the playing field – helping individuals who have worked long and hard for their benefits to get what they deserve. I do so by providing the experience and skill needed to navigate the often complicated administrative and litigation process that is unique to ERISA claims. I handle these cases across Texas and other states.

The administrative appeals process can be complicated. Many individuals may not even realize that they are eligible for benefits under an employment benefit plan. I can help you understand and work through important details, including:

  • The timetables and requirements surrounding when, how and with what institution you must file an appeal
  • The length of time that an insurance company or other fiduciary has to review your claim or appeal
  • The strategies that insurance companies or other fiduciaries sometimes use to deny or underpay your claim.

Asserting The Rights Of Medical Providers In ERISA Health Plan Disputes

I also represent medical providers such as hospitals and physicians in seeking payment from an insurance carrier or administrator of an ERISA health plan when health care benefits have been assigned by the patient to the provider.

Don’t Let Denied Claims Stand In Your Way

When you are unable to work and your benefit claims have been denied, prompt action can be critical. The process of fighting your denied benefit claim can be long and arduous, which is why having an experienced lawyer who will help you get your claims filed efficiently and accurately is integral to achieving results.

Start With A Free Consultation | No Fees Unless We’re Successful

If I am able to take your case, I will expedite the process and work to obtain the benefits you deserve while you focus on your immediate needs – caring for yourself and keeping your finances under control. Schedule a free initial consultation with me, and we will have a straightforward discussion about your rights and whether or not I can help you with your claim.

Contact me at my San Antonio office by phone at 877-590-5533. I generally represent clients on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay nothing unless I am effective in collecting benefits for you.